Ableton Push 3

The Ableton Push 3 is a hardware controller for Ableton Live, a digital audio workstation (DAW). It is designed to give users a more hands-on and intuitive way to create and perform music. Some of the key features of the Push 3 include:

High-resolution multi-color display: The Push 3 has a high-resolution multi-color display that shows waveforms, clips, effects, and other information. This makes it easy to see what you are doing and to make precise adjustments.

Touch-sensitive pads: The Push 3 has 64 touch-sensitive pads that can be used to trigger clips, play notes, or control parameters. The pads are also pressure-sensitive, so you can add expression to your playing.

Encoders: The Push 3 has eight encoders that can be used to control parameters such as volume, panning, and effects. The encoders are also touch-sensitive, so you can adjust them quickly and easily.

Jog wheel: The Push 3 has a jog wheel that can be used to scroll through waveforms, clips, and effects. The jog wheel is also pressure-sensitive, so you can scrub through audio quickly and easily.

Built-in audio interface: The Push 3 has a built-in audio interface with two inputs and two outputs. This means that you can connect microphones, instruments, and other audio devices directly to the Push 3 without needing an external audio interface.

CV outputs: The Push 3 has two CV outputs that can be used to control analog synthesizers and other hardware devices. This allows you to integrate the Push 3 into your modular setup.

Standalone mode: The Push 3 can be used in standalone mode, which means that it can be used without a computer. This makes it a great option for live performance or for creating music on the go.

It looks great, but you can get an app for MacOS where you can use the touch bar to kind of simulate MPE, if I can find the link I will post it here. A cheaper option for those with a Push 2. :slightly_smiling_face: