Arturia V Collection X

Arturia’s V Collection X is a comprehensive suite of virtual instruments that includes over 39 meticulously modeled emulations of legendary synthesizers, drum machines, and more. It’s designed to provide musicians with an extensive sonic palette for creating a wide range of musical genres.

Here are some of the key features of Arturia’s V Collection X:

39 Instruments: The collection includes over 39 instruments, covering a wide range of synthesizers, drum machines, keyboards, and orchestral instruments. This includes classic analog synthesizers like the Minimoog, ARP 2600, and Jupiter-8, as well as modern favorites like the Matrix-12 and Prophet-5. There are also a number of acoustic instruments, including the Yamaha CP-70 Grand Piano and the Wurlitzer 200A Electric Piano.

10,000 High-Quality Presets: The collection comes with over 10,000 high-quality presets, ranging from classic sounds to cutting-edge modern productions. This means that you can find the perfect sound for any project, without having to spend hours creating it from scratch.

Two New Instruments: V Collection X includes two new instruments: the Acid V and the MiniFreak V. The Acid V is a faithful recreation of the iconic TB-303 bass synthesizer, while the MiniFreak V is a modern analog synthesizer with a unique sonic character.

Three Exclusive Expansion Packs: The collection also includes three exclusive expansion packs: Augmented Woodwinds, Augmented Grand Piano, and Augmented Brass. These packs add new sounds and features to the existing instruments in the collection, and they provide even more creative possibilities for your productions.

In-Depth Editing and Modulation: All of the instruments in the collection feature deep editing capabilities, allowing you to customize their sounds in a wide variety of ways. You can also use modulation to create complex and evolving sounds.

Seamless Integration with Your DAW: The collection is designed to work seamlessly with your DAW, and it includes a variety of features to make it easy to integrate into your workflow. You can also use the instruments to create custom multitimbral setups.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: The collection is compatible with Mac, Windows, and iOS, so you can use it on your computer or mobile device.