Boss GM-800 guitar synth pedal

Boss GM-800: Sonic Exploration for Guitarists and Bassists

The Boss GM-800 is not just a guitar synth pedal; it’s a portal to a boundless universe of sonic possibilities. Released in 2020, the GM-800 marked a significant leap forward in guitar synthesis technology, shattering previous limitations and redefining what’s possible with your six-string (or four-string) friend.

ZEN-Core Sound Engine:

At the heart of the GM-800 lies the powerful ZEN-Core sound engine, the same engine that drives Roland’s flagship synthesizers. This powerhouse delivers an unprecedented level of sonic quality, faithfully reproducing acoustic instruments, classic synth sounds, and everything in between with stunning realism and expressiveness. Whether you’re craving the warmth of a vintage Rhodes piano or the bite of a screaming lead synth, the GM-800 delivers it with depth and nuance.

Serial GK Interface: Precision Tracking, Unparalleled Freedom:

The GM-800 introduces the innovative Serial GK interface, a significant upgrade over the traditional 13-pin GK system. This new digital interface boasts superior tracking accuracy and stability, ensuring your every nuance and articulation are translated with pinpoint precision. Gone are the days of lag and glitchy tracking; the GM-800 responds to your playing with the immediacy and fluidity of an extension of your instrument.

Four Tones, One Canvas:

The GM-800 allows you to craft and layer up to four independent Tones simultaneously, opening a world of sonic layering and textural exploration. Imagine conjuring a soaring lead synth line over a bed of lush orchestral strings, or crafting a funky bass groove with a gritty analog synth layer singing on top. With the GM-800, these sonic tapestries are not just dreams; they’re your reality.

Deep Editing and Customization:

But the GM-800 is far more than just a preset playground. Each Tone is a deep well of sonic sculpting potential, offering extensive editing parameters to tailor sounds to your exact sonic vision. Dive into filter cutoff, envelope shaping, LFO modulation, and a plethora of other effects to craft sounds that are uniquely your own. The intuitive onboard controls and the dedicated BOSS Tone Studio software provide seamless access to this sonic sculpting playground.

This guitar synth looks so cool. Watching the video had me thinking, if you bought this guitar synth, could you use it to play a bassline on guitar and have it synthesize a lovely Fender Precision or Jazz bass sound?