CAGED System for guitar

Here is a good beginner friendly introduction to the CAGED system for guitar players.

So what is the CAGED system and how can it help? Well as a beginner you typically learn to play chords in one position on the fretboard, the rest of the fretboard remains a mystery! The CAGED system helps you learn to play chords (and scales) across the fretboard.

Why is it called CAGED? It is called CAGED because it is based on the five open chord shapes C, A, G, E and D.

To give you an example of how CAGED works, think of the C chord, the root note C is on the 5th string (3rd fret). If you now start a barre at that note and play an A shape, you are now playing a C chord a bit higher up the fretboard. You can repeat this for the G shape, E shape and D shape, playing the C chord up the fretboard.

Here is another great video about the CAGED system, but this time using those same chord shapes to enable players to solo up and down the fretboard.

On the accompanying page CAGED Soloing PDF Landing the chord shapes are mapped out for you making things a bit easier to understand.

Thanks, they are both great videos. I have been learning guitar and those two videos can really improve your fretboard skills. It’s great being able to play chords up and down the fretboard now. It’s taking me a bit of time to be able to solo along, but I am getting there slowly.