Cartessian SiDeCHain 1.0

Cartessian SiDeCHain 1.0 is a new free MaxForLive plugin for Ableton Live allowng easy manipulation of audio tracks to help eliminate clashing frequencies and experiment with groove. By providing an easy to adjust wave envelope and audio wave visualisation providing an inutitive way to quickly and effectively harness the power of a sidechain to improve your mix.

Highlighted Features:

  • Real-Time Wave Visualization: Activate or deactivate the wave visualization panel using the “wave” button. Observe your sound shaping up in real time, tailoring the device precisely to your preferences.

  • Blend Control (Dry/Wet): Use the “mix” control to fine-tune the effect’s strength, balancing between the original and processed signals. Discover the ideal mix for your track.

  • Audio Length Flexibility: Employ the “rate” control in musical figures or hertz modes to define the affected audio length. Customize the duration according to your creative vision.

  • Intuitive Envelope Editing: Within the editing panel, modify the volume’s rise and fall shape effortlessly. Craft smooth curves or sharp lines with a simple click. Hold the Alt key to curve straight lines, adding an extra layer of dynamic expression.

  • Advanced Editing Modes: Utilize features like “snap” for precise point placement on the grid. Experiment with “smooth” to soften transitions and introduce creative nuances using “jitter.”

  • Predefined Shapes and Complete Customization: Access three predefined shapes alongside the default SideChain shape. Start from scratch instantly by clicking the “X” in the bottom right corner, allowing for total customization.

This device has been created based on the existing M4L “Shaper”.