Cockos Reaper 7

Reaper 7 is a powerful digital audio workstation (DAW) that offers a wide range of features for audio production. Some of the key features of Reaper 7 include:

  • Takes, Lanes, and Comping: This new feature allows you to manage takes, layer sounds, assemble alternate track versions, or store playlists. You can use swipe comping to select the best parts of multiple takes to create one ideal composite take, or multiple alternative composites.

  • FX Containers: This new feature allows you to group effects in a single container, which can then be easily inserted into tracks. This can help to simplify your workflow and make it easier to manage complex effects chains.

  • Gain Reduction Metering: This new feature provides real-time feedback on the gain reduction of your tracks. This can be helpful for keeping your levels under control and avoiding clipping.

  • Customizable Track Spacers: You can now customize the spacing between tracks in the Arrange view. This can help you to organize your projects more effectively.

  • MIDI Editor CC Lane Vertical Zoom/Scroll and Pitchwheel Snap: The MIDI editor now supports vertical zoom and scroll for CC lanes, as well as pitchwheel snap. This makes it easier to work with MIDI data.

  • MIDI Editor Coloring Improvements: The MIDI editor has been updated with new coloring options. This can help you to visualize your MIDI data more effectively.

  • Customizable Animated Toolbar Buttons: You can now customize the appearance of the toolbar buttons. This can help you to create a more personalized workspace.

  • Configuration Import/Export Improvements: The configuration import/export feature has been improved. This makes it easier to share your Reaper configurations with others.

Cockos Reaper 7 is a great way to get into music production cheaply. There is a 60 day free evaluation copy, to purchase it’s only $60 which is an absolute bargain.