FL Studio 21.2

FL Studio 21.2 is a major update to the popular digital audio workstation (DAW) that introduces some exciting new features, including:

Stem Separation: This highly anticipated feature allows you to extract individual stems (drums, bass, vocals, etc.) from your audio files, which can be incredibly useful for remixing, editing, and isolating specific sounds.

FL Cloud: This new subscription service provides access to a massive library of royalty-free loops, samples, and one-shots, as well as AI-powered mastering and music distribution.

Kepler (Producer Edition): This is a new analog-modeling synthesizer based on a classic synth from the 1980s. It sounds amazing and is sure to become a favorite for fans of vintage synths.

Vintage Phaser (Signature Edition and All Plugins Edition): This effect plugin has been completely revamped with a new engine and features, including a Feedback Inversion control for even more creative possibilities.

Audio Clips for Fruity Edition: Fruity Edition users can now use up to eight Audio Clips, which opens up a world of possibilities for adding vocals, loops, and even complex audio chops and edits.

Colored waveform customization: This new feature allows you to customize the color of the waveform in an Audio Clip, which can make it easier to see the frequency content of your audio.

And here is an example of the awesome AI Stem Splitting functionality!

FL Studio’s AI stem splitter is a new feature introduced in FL Studio 21.2 that allows you to extract individual stems (drums, bass, vocals, etc.) from a mixed audio file using machine learning. It’s a powerful tool that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as remixing, mashing up, or isolating specific instruments for practice or editing.

Here’s how to use the FL Studio AI stem splitter:

  1. Open FL Studio 21.2 or later.
  2. Go to the Channel rack and add a new audio track.
  3. Right-click on the new audio track and select “Insert > Edison.”
  4. Click on the Edison icon in the Channel rack to open the Edison plugin.
  5. Go to the File menu and select “Import audio file.”
  6. Select the audio file you want to split the stems from.
  7. Once the audio file is loaded, click on the “Extract stems from sample” button in the Edison toolbar.
  8. In the Extract stems dialog box, select the stems you want to extract and click on the “Extract” button.
  9. The stems will be extracted and placed in new audio tracks in the FL Studio Channel rack.

Wow that AI Stem Splitting functionality built in to FL Studio 21.2 looks impressive. I wonder how effective it is at extracting vocals to make an a cappela remix in comparison to using lalal.ai?

Overview of the new features added to the latest update of Fruity Loops including the AI Chord Progression tools which looks really promising, still needs some tweaking but it’s a great addition.

AI Chord Progression Tool

This newly added feature to Fruity Loops is an AI Chord Progression Tool that helps you come up with chord progressions when you may be a bit stuck for ideas or just looking for some much needed inspiration to help get those creative juices flowing!

Kepler Exo Synthesizer

Kepler Exo is a new synthesizer added to Fruity Loops which aims to be a modern reimagining of what a JUNO-6 or Jupiter-8 would have been had those legendary synthesizers been created today, taking advantage of all the latest advances to create a truly great modern instrument with classic vibes.

Stereo Spreader

A new effect in Fruity Loops is Stereo Spreader to help easily widen or narrow sounds within your mix in an easy to use an manner with visual representation.