Gamechanger Motor Synth MKII

The Gamechanger Audio MOTOR Synth MKII is a unique and versatile synthesizer that combines analog and digital technologies to produce a wide range of sounds. Here are some of its key features:

  • Two independent MOTOR Voices: Each MOTOR Voice features four electromotor oscillators that can produce three types of optical waveshapes (sine, saw, square) and one electromagnetic inductive wave (M). The voices can operate in monophonic, unison, or four-note polyphonic mode.

  • Third digital voice: The MOTOR Synth MKII also features a high-quality digital engine that can be used either independently or to augment the raw sound of the MOTOR Voices. The digital voice offers a wider range of synthesis parameters, including wavetables, virtual analog waveforms, and FM synthesis.

  • Dual filters: Each MOTOR Voice has its own 2-pole multimode filter with low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, notch, and band-reject modes. The digital voice also has its own 2-pole multimode filter with similar modes.

  • Envelopes: Each MOTOR Voice and the digital voice each have four ADSR envelopes for shaping the sound. There are also velocity-sensitive envelopes for controlling the cutoff frequency, resonance, and amplitude of the filters.

  • VCAs: Each MOTOR Voice and the digital voice have their own VCA (voltage-controlled amplifier) for controlling the overall volume of the sound.

  • Unison Mode: The MOTOR Synth MKII’s unison mode allows you to play up to four voices simultaneously, creating a rich and thick sound.

  • Polyphonic Mode: The MOTOR Synth MKII can also operate in polyphonic mode, allowing you to play up to four different notes at the same time.

  • MIDI control: The MOTOR Synth MKII features comprehensive MIDI control, including pitch bend, modulation wheel, footswitch, and expression pedal inputs.

  • Analog dry-through: The MOTOR Synth MKII has a dedicated analog dry-through output, which allows you to bypass the internal effects and send the raw analog signal to another piece of gear.

  • High-quality analog-to-digital converters: The MOTOR Synth MKII uses high-quality analog-to-digital converters to ensure that the analog sound is preserved when recorded digitally.

  • Compact and portable design: The MOTOR Synth MKII is a compact and portable synthesizer that can be easily taken to gigs or rehearsals.

Overall, the Gamechanger Audio MOTOR Synth MKII is a versatile and powerful synthesizer that offers a wide range of sonic possibilities. Its unique analog and digital combination allows for a variety of sounds that are not possible with traditional analog or digital synthesizers. Whether you’re a seasoned synth player or a newcomer to the world of synthesis, the MOTOR Synth MKII is sure to inspire your creativity.