HornetPlugins Planer audio clipper

HornetPlugins brings you the Hornet Planer, a meticulously designed audio clipper that empowers you to precisely sculpt the dynamics of your sound. Planer prioritizes quality and reliability, ensuring your audio remains free from aliasing artifacts even when pushed to the limits.

Hornet Planer offers an impressive oversampling range, ranging from 16x to a remarkable 256x. Higher oversampling values minimize aliasing to nearly imperceptible levels, even under extreme clipping settings, ensuring unparalleled sonic clarity and transparency throughout your audio processing.

Planer allows you to meticulously control the clipping process. A customizable transfer function lets you seamlessly transition between hard limiting, ideal for aggressive shaping, to smooth, soft saturation, perfect for adding subtle warmth.

Dual, linkable parameters provide even more control. Set the clipping threshold with the negative/positive ceiling value. Linkable knee shapes allow you to fine-tune the transition zone around the threshold, creating anything from a sharp, immediate clip to a more gradual, natural-sounding effect.

Hornet Planer doesn’t just clip your signal; it keeps your levels in check. Linkable input and output level controls ensure you maintain optimal gain throughout your processing chain. To visually monitor the clipped signal, a handy clipper meter provides real-time feedback.

One of Planer’s defining strengths lies in its oversampling capabilities. Oversampling essentially increases the internal sample rate of the plugin, exceeding the sample rate of your project. This offers a significant advantage when dealing with clipping, a process that can introduce unwanted aliasing artifacts - harsh, high-pitched sounds that distort the original signal.

Hornet Planer boasts a staggering oversampling range, stretching from a respectable 16x to a remarkable 256x. By selecting higher oversampling values, you minimize aliasing to near-inaudible levels, even under extreme clipping settings. This translates to unmatched sonic clarity and transparency, ensuring your audio remains pristine throughout the processing chain.

Planer breaks free from the limitations of traditional clippers that offer a simple on/off approach. The customizable transfer function allows you to seamlessly morph between two distinct clipping flavors: hard limiting and soft saturation.

Hard limiting is a blunt instrument, ideal for taming wildly dynamic signals or shaping aggressive sounds. Planer excels in this role, providing precise control over the clipping threshold with the negative/positive ceiling value. This ensures your peaks are effectively managed without introducing unwanted coloration.

On the other hand, soft saturation adds a touch of subtle warmth and character to your audio. Planer’s transfer function lets you dial in this effect beautifully. By gently nudging the signal into the clipping zone, you can introduce a smooth, analog-style saturation that enhances the richness and presence of your tracks.

The “knee” of a clipper refers to the transition zone around the clipping threshold. A sharp knee results in an immediate and impactful clip, while a more gradual knee provides a smoother, more natural-sounding effect. Planer takes knee control a step further by offering linkable knee shapes.

This allows you to meticulously sculpt the transition region. For instance, you can create a sharp knee on the positive side to control harsh peaks effectively, while opting for a more gradual knee on the negative side to subtly tame low-end transients. This level of control empowers you to tailor the clipping behavior to perfectly suit the sonic characteristics of your audio.

Planer isn’t just about clipping; it’s about maintaining optimal gain structure throughout your processing chain. Linkable input and output level controls provide a convenient way to manage the signal level entering and exiting the plugin. This ensures you avoid clipping the plugin itself due to excessive input gain, while also preventing unwanted level boosts at the output.

The inclusion of a handy clipper meter further enhances your control. This real-time visual feedback allows you to precisely monitor the amount of signal being clipped, helping you dial in the perfect balance between maintaining dynamic control and achieving the desired sonic impact.

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