Just starting out

Hi, I am new here and just starting out. I play the guitar mostly and a little bit of keyboard. I have GarageBand installed on my laptop and it seems pretty cool. Is it worth me upgrading to Logic Pro, or should I just continue learning what I have. I have heard that Ableton can be more user friendly to use. Hmm decisions…

I have both Logic Pro and Ableton Live with a Push 2 and enjoy using both. But for user friendliness I do prefer the Ableton/Push workflow for getting things done quick. I find the Push pads really great for fast staccato notes like when inputing a bass line jumping around the octaves. It’s also great being able to set a scale and then noodle around on the Push pads until something sounds good including trying out various chord shapes for inspiration.

As regards the built in features, both offer a variety of great sounding instruments and effects. My personal preference is a more visual style interface like Vital/Serum. With Push it’s a bit like having a hardware synthesizer using the 8 rotary encoders to tweak, however sometimes I do think it would be faster to use Vital and a mouse. Although it is nice tweaking sounds while using the encoders and tuning drums for example.

Hope that helps.