Logic Pro 10.8

Logic Pro 10.8 is a major update to the popular digital audio workstation (DAW) software. It includes a number of new features, including:

  • Mastering Assistant: A new effect plug-in that offers a quick and easy way to add final professional polish when you’re creating a release-ready mix. Mastering Assistant uses a variety of intelligent algorithms to analyze your mix and apply the appropriate EQ, compression, and limiting.

  • Sample Alchemy: A new instrument plug-in that lets you transform any audio sample into a playable instrument. Sample Alchemy uses a variety of synthesis techniques, including granular, additive, and spectral synthesis, to create new and interesting sounds from your samples.

  • Beat Breaker: A new instrument plug-in that lets you radically reshape and reshuffle audio. Beat Breaker uses a variety of time-stretching and pitch-shifting algorithms to create new and unexpected rhythms and textures from your samples.

  • Slip and Rotate tools: New tools that let you move the contents of an audio region independently of its position on the timeline. This can be useful for creating glitches, stutters, and other effects.

  • 32-bit recording: Support for recording audio in 32-bit float format. This can provide higher dynamic range and precision when recording and mixing.

So tempted to get this instead of the the Live 12 update, but then I have the Push 2 and that is always great for coming up with ideas quickly. For me visually Logic Pro looks more inspiring, besides some of the older instruments and effects which really need an update as they look so dated.

Here is an interesting video comparing Logic Pro Mastering Assistant to $1200 worth of plugins. What is remarkable is how close Mastering Assistant got to the finished sound of those expensive plugins. To get there involved just clicking the anaylze button. I think for someone with not much experience of mastering will find this tool really helpful and for those with the ears to tweak further can get results to release with.

MIDI shortcuts:

Space - Play/Stop
Command + A + Q - To select all and quantize
Shift + ** and then select shorten - To make notes all the same length
Option + Shift then adjust Velocity slider - To adjust note velocity
Control + B - Bounce to audio
Option + Shift + Up or Down arrow - To adjust note octave
Option + Up or Down arrow - To adjust a note up or down

AUDIO shortcuts and tips:

Click and drag to select multiple audio regions then hold Control + Shift then click and drag over the end of the region to add a fade out.

Select multiple audio tracks, right click and choose Pack Take Folder. You will then be able to choose bits from each track to create a composite version.

To repeat sections, enable Marquee tool, hold Command, select audio section, then press Command + R to repeat that section. Can also use for automation.

MixAutoselect Automation Parameter In Read Mode. When you go into Automation edit mode, if you click on an instrument parameter it will be automatically selected and you can edit in the automation lane for that parameter.

To convert volume automation into utlilty->gain->stereo. Hold Option and click Volume, then choose GainGain it will ask “Do you want to convert or copy the automation data?”. Click Convert, it will take all the volume automation and apply it to the UtilityGain. So now you can adjust your track volume levels, while still having the Gain automation.

Some really helpful tips, including low latency mode to help when recording, ability to save channel strips, low latency safe for effects and the ability to add auxiliary channels from older projects.