Logic Pro 11

Logic Pro 11: AI Assistance Begins

Logic Pro 11 is here finally after such a long wait. It marks a significant leap in AI features, taking full advantage of the Apple Silicon neural processors to empower creators with intelligent studio assistants to enhance your music productions.

AI Session Players: Bass, Keyboard and Drummer

Session Players is a new addition to Logic Pro 11. Alongside the popular and now much enhanced Studio Drummer, you now also have at your disposal a Session Bass Player and a Session Keyboard Player. These AI session players adapt to your music, creating bass lines and melodies to complement your chord progressions and more. Now to get a funky bass line or cool melody is as easy as activating these session players.

Logic Pro 11 Session Players are your new AI bandmates, expaning on the already hugely popular Drummer feature which itself has been enhanced with lots of new features. With your new Bass Player and Keyboard Player AI musicians you can work quicker thanever before to help create your musical composition adding dynamic bass lines and keyboard elements which will integrate well with your project. These AI Session Players react to your chord progressions and style to seamlessly integrate with your musical elements and feel.

The Studio Bass and Studio Pian Session Players are brand new to Logic Pro 11, and are a collection of meticulously sampled top quality bass and piano sounds to help deliver driving bass line or sympathetic piano melody.

Stem Splitter: Isolate Vocals, Drums, Bass and Melodic elements

Ever wanted to remix a track but could not find the vocals, or wished you could isolate a drum sound, or even really liked jamming with superb bass line then with the new Stem Splitter you can do just that. Stem Splitter provides an easy way to split a piece of audio into Vocals, Bass, Drums and Other instruments.

ChromaGlow: Instant Analog Warmth

A lot of money can be spent purchasing esoteric analog equipment to try and add a bit of warmth and color to your music given that richer and more pleasing natural sound compared to often the harsher realities of digital processing. Now with ChromaGlow you can dial in the amount of analog warmth to be added to your track, taking advantage of all the neural AI processing to emulate classic analog hardware.

Global Chord Track: Create and Edit Chord Progressions

Logic Pro 11 introduces a new feature called Chord Track. This allows for easy creation and editing of chord progressions which in turn help guide the new Session Players to create their magic alongside your musical contributions to enhance and complement your musical output. Global Chord Track provides an easy way to define your song’s chord progressions, with the added bonus of guiding your Session Players to align their endeavours to perfectly match your musical composition.

Logic Pro 11 seems to be the start of the AI revolution in regards to music production taking advantage of the Apple Silicon M series processor neural network to deliver groundbreaking AI assistance to musicians like never before.