Moog Mariana

Moog Mariana is a dual-layer bass synthesizer plugin that brings the signature Moog sound to the software realm. It’s packed with features that allow you to create deep, rich, and dynamic basslines, with a focus on flexible sound sculpting and creative modulation. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

Dual-Layer Architecture:

Mariana consists of two independent synthesizer layers, each with two oscillators and a sub-oscillator. This allows you to combine two distinct sonic personalities, either for a more diverse and layered bass sound or for duophonic playing.

Oscillator Options:

Each oscillator features a variety of waveforms, including classic analog shapes like sawtooth, sine, square, and triangle, as well as more modern waveforms like Pulse Wave, Ramp Wave, and Noise. This flexibility enables you to create a wide range of bass sounds, from classic analog tones to more experimental and futuristic textures.

Filter Architecture:

Instead of the traditional Moog Ladder filter, Mariana employs a flexible filter architecture with three independent filters:

  • Lowpass and Highpass Filters: These filters shape the main oscillators’ tone.
  • Multimode Sub-Oscillator Filter: This filter offers lowpass, bandpass, and highpass options for sculpting the sub-oscillator’s contribution.

Modulation System:

Mariana’s modulation system is extensive, providing a wealth of options for shaping and animating the sound. It features:

  • Three LFOs: Each LFO has multiple waveforms and can be assigned to various parameters, including oscillator pitches, filter cutoff, and envelope modulation sources.
  • Three Envelopes: These envelopes control the modulation of parameters like filter cutoff, amp, and oscillator pitch.
  • Two Random Generators: These provide a source of unpredictable modulation that can add movement and interest to the sound.

Effects Section:

Mariana includes a selection of effects to enhance and process the bass sound:

  • Saturation: This adds rich harmonics and warmth to the signal.
  • Compressor: This controls the dynamic range of the bass, keeping it tight and punchy.
  • Chorus: This creates a subtle thickening and doubling effect.
  • Delay: This adds spatial depth and movement to the bass sound.