Roland Cloud

Roland Cloud is a subscription service that provides access to a growing collection of Roland software synthesizers, sound packs, effects, and other creative tools. It is a valuable resource for musicians of all levels who want to create music with Roland’s iconic sounds.

Here are some of the key features of Roland Cloud:

  • Over 50 Roland virtual instruments: This includes legendary synthesizers like the TR-808, JUPITER-8, and JUNO-106, as well as newer instruments like the JD-XA and SH-01A.

  • ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer: This versatile synthesizer can be used to create a wide range of sounds, from classic analog tones to modern digital soundscapes.

  • ZEN-Core Synthesis System: This powerful synthesis engine allows you to create your own custom sounds and share them with other Roland Cloud members.

  • ZENOLOGY FX Software Effects: This collection of over 90 authentic Roland effects can be used to add polish and character to your sounds.

  • Lifetime Keys: With Lifetime Keys, you can own your software synthesizers and sound packs forever, even if you cancel your Roland Cloud subscription.

  • Roland Cloud Manager: This software provides easy management of your Roland Cloud instruments and sounds.

In addition to these core features, Roland Cloud also offers a variety of other benefits, such as:

  • Regular updates and new releases: Roland Cloud is constantly being updated with new instruments, sound packs, and effects.

  • Exclusive discounts and promotions: Roland Cloud members often receive exclusive discounts on Roland products and services.

  • Access to a community of users: Roland Cloud has a thriving online community where users can share tips, tricks, and feedback.