Roland LX Upright Piano Series

For discerning pianists seeking a digital piano that rivals the authenticity and elegance of a traditional acoustic grand, the Roland LX series stands out as a top contender. Roland, a renowned innovator in electronic instruments, has poured its expertise into crafting these premium pianos, meticulously designed to deliver an unparalleled playing experience.

The LX series represents Roland’s flagship line of digital pianos. Each model boasts cutting-edge sound technology, meticulously reproducing the rich, nuanced tones of a concert grand piano. This sonic realism extends beyond the core sound, with advanced features that capture the subtle variations in resonance and tonal depth that occur when playing an acoustic instrument.

The LX series isn’t just about replicating the sound and feel of an acoustic piano; it elevates the playing experience to new heights. Many LX models incorporate advanced features like multi-channel speaker systems that create a truly immersive soundscape, transporting you to the grandeur of a concert hall. Additionally, the ability to practice with headphones ensures privacy without sacrificing sound quality.

At the heart of every LX piano lies Roland’s sound engine – the PureAcoustic Ambience technology. This revolutionary system meticulously captures the rich, dynamic tones of a meticulously crafted acoustic grand piano. It goes beyond simple sampling, modeling the complex interplay between strings, hammers, and cabinet resonance to deliver a truly immersive and authentic sonic experience. This translates to pianists having the ability to shape and control the sound with subtle nuances, replicating the dynamic range and expressiveness of a traditional grand.

While all LX pianos boast exceptional sound, the keyboard action sets them apart. The LX-9 and LX-6 feature Roland’s top-of-the-line PHA-100 Hybrid Grand Keyboard. This innovative keybed utilizes wood and synthetic ivory for a natural, familiar feel under the fingers, mimicking the texture of a traditional acoustic grand piano. Additionally, the PHA-100 action incorporates escapement technology, replicating the subtle “click” felt when a key is pressed softly on a grand piano. This meticulous attention to detail ensures a playing experience that inspires confidence and allows for nuanced articulation.

The LX-5 steps in with a slightly different, yet still impressive, keyboard action. It utilizes Roland’s renowned PHA-50 keyboard, known for its responsive hammer-weighted action. This keybed provides a highly playable experience for pianists of all levels, offering a balance between affordability and a realistic playing feel.

LX-5: The Entry Point to LX Luxury

The LX-5 serves as the approachable entry point into the LX series. Its slightly smaller cabinet size makes it ideal for apartments or homes with limited space. Despite its compact footprint, the LX-5 doesn’t compromise on sound quality. It utilizes a 4-speaker sound system that delivers a rich and detailed sonic experience, perfect for practicing and enjoying your favorite piano pieces.

The LX-5 retains the core functionality of the LX series, including Bluetooth® connectivity for pairing with the Roland Piano App. This app unlocks a treasure trove of features, allowing pianists to explore different piano sounds, record performances, and even access digital sheet music.

LX-6: Balancing Size and Performance

The LX-6 strikes a perfect balance between size and performance. It boasts a taller cabinet compared to the LX-5, housing a more powerful 6-speaker sound system. This translates to a richer, more expansive soundscape, creating a more immersive playing experience. The increased speaker configuration also allows for more nuanced spatial positioning of the sound, further enhancing the illusion of playing a grand piano in a concert hall.

The LX-6 retains the top-of-the-line PHA-100 Hybrid Grand Keyboard, ensuring a playing experience that feels as natural as possible. This combination of exceptional sound and realistic action makes the LX-6 ideal for pianists who demand high performance without sacrificing space.

LX-9: The Flagship Experience

The LX-9 is the pinnacle of the LX series, a digital piano designed for the most discerning musicians. It boasts the tallest and most imposing cabinet in the LX lineup, housing a powerful 8-speaker system with strategically placed tweeters and woofers for an incredibly detailed and immersive sound experience. This speaker configuration allows pianists to hear the subtle nuances of their playing, from the delicate pianissimos to the thundering fortissimos.

Adding to the realism is the LX-9’s unique feature – haptic vibration. This innovative technology simulates the subtle vibrations that resonate through the body of an acoustic piano when a key is struck. Even when playing at low volumes or with headphones, pianists can feel these subtle vibrations, further enhancing the sense of playing a real grand piano.