Sonible smart:EQ 4 Intelligent Equalizer

smart:EQ 4: The Future of Equalization is Here (and it’s Intelligent)

The humble equalizer, a mainstay in every audio engineer’s arsenal, has seen countless iterations over the years. From analog knobs to surgical digital precision, the quest for the perfect EQ has been a constant pursuit. Enter Sonible smart:EQ 4, a revolutionary plugin that leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to fundamentally rethink what an equalizer can do.

Farewell, Manual Drudgery, Hello, AI-Powered Insight

Gone are the days of meticulously analyzing spectrograms and painstakingly carving out frequencies. smart:EQ 4 analyzes your audio in real-time, identifying spectral imbalances and suggesting intelligent EQ adjustments. Its innovative smart:filter is the heart of this intelligence. This AI-powered tool automatically identifies and balances problematic frequencies, taking into account the overall tonal context of your mix. It’s like having a seasoned mastering engineer whispering EQ suggestions in your ear as you work.

Spectral Mixing Made Easy: Drag and Drop to Harmony

But smart:EQ 4 doesn’t stop at individual tracks. It excels at spectral mixing , the art of shaping the tonal relationships between multiple instruments. With smart:EQ 4, you can drag and drop tracks into a spectral hierarchy , visually prioritizing their presence in the mix. The plugin intelligently EQs each track to avoid masking and create a cohesive, balanced soundscape. Imagine the ease of sculpting your mix with intuitive precision.

Beyond the Basics: A Feature Powerhouse

While AI takes center stage, smart:EQ 4 doesn’t skimp on the traditional EQ tools you know and love. It boasts fully parametric standard EQ bands with dynamic capabilities, allowing you to craft precise surgical cuts or smooth, sweeping boosts. A comprehensive mid-side processor gives you unparalleled control over stereo imaging, while the reference track feature lets you compare your mix to professional benchmarks. And for added convenience, an auto gain function ensures level consistency after EQing.

By harnessing the power of AI, smart:EQ 4 empowers you to focus on the creative aspects of mixing, freeing you from tedious technical drudgery allowing you to spend your time on making artistic decisions and focus on your music’s emotional impact.