Using Apple Vision Pro for music production

First video I have seen using the Apple Vision Pro in a music production environment. I like the way you can the move the display in front of whatever keyboard you’re playing and adjusting the controls while still being able to view your DAW. Also the ability to adjust the size of your virtual screen to whatever works best, for example when arranging you may want to have a bigger screen to display as much as possible.

Here is a short video showing Ableton Live running on the Apple Vision Pro. I am still yet to see a proper video detailing the workflow and latency and whether it is a doable solution, but it looks interesting. Anyone out there tried it out yet for composing?

I see that same guy has released another video using Apple Vision Pro, this time using Animoog Galaxy which has been specifically designed for the Vision Pro. So it looks like your have the controls of the virtual synth layer out in front of you and can adjust the sliders and controls with your hands while using the Apple Vision Pro.

Animoog Galaxy is a new software synth developed specifically for the Apple Vision Pro by Moog. Here is some of the blurb…

Animoog Galaxy, a groundbreaking music production app designed for Apple’s Vision Pro technology. Developed by the legendary Moog Music, Animoog Galaxy transcends the boundaries of traditional music creation. Utilizing the spatial capabilities of Vision Pro, it throws open the doors to a multidimensional soundscape. Powered by their innovative Anisotropic Synth Engine (ASE), the app allows you to sculpt sound in three dimensions, literally moving through X, Y, and Z axes to manipulate unique sonic textures.

Vision Pro’s gesture recognition unlocks a new level of expression. Play the innovative keyboard, where the slightest nuance of your hand movement translates into sonic shifts. Intelligent correction ensures you stay in tune, unless you choose to explore the dissonant beauty of atonal exploration.

Key Features of Animoog Galaxy:

  • Anisotropic Synth Engine (ASE) for 3D sound manipulation
  • Over 120 professional presets and extensive sound design capabilities
  • Expressive gesture-based keyboard with intelligent correction
  • Step sequencer with probability and randomization for effortless inspiration
  • Audio recorder for looping and layering sounds
  • Immersive visual experience that reacts to your interactions

I have always been sceptical about the benefits of VR, they have been banging on about it for years with no real mainstream usages so far besides gaming and the like. But I guess if anyone can make it work out it is Apple. Some of these ideas are looking promising now, but then you have still got to wear a headset while working and it can be awkward enough just wearing a big pair of headphones. But I guess the ability to work anywhere with your virtual big screen is quite appealing. I do like the way you can work in a virtual environment, blotting out all the clutter you may have around or the dark rainy cloudy skies and enjoy some lovely view from a virtual mountain top while working. Or how about working on a nice virtual beach somewhere in a country and place you have not visited before?

I found this video saying that Ableton works amazing on the Vision Pro. The only gripe is that everything is locked to the extended display. But the big positive is it appears that latency is not an issue!

Another video demonstrating the Apple Vision Pro in a music production environment. I like the way you can move around the studio playing different instruments while still being able to view the DAW. However, the big draw back is, to interact with the DAW you need to use your mouse and keyboard. So you might as well stay in front of your computer monitor and save $3500. :thinking: