What one thing would you buy to help your music making workflow?

What has helped your music making workflow, was it buying your first hardware synth, a new more powerful computer, better studio monitors, improving your studio acoustics or something else?

I’ve got a bit of studio gear, but by far the biggest thing that helped me was buying acoustic panels for my home studio. It’s amazing the difference it made to the sound. Before certain frequencies with resonate and sound louder than others, but afterwards the room almost sounds like it does when you put on headphones. For example, no matter what bass note is played they all sound a similar volume.

I think for me it would be some hardware synths or maybe even a Korg Kronos 3 if they ever get around to making one. I had a Korg Trinity many years ago and in its day it was such a nice sounding synth to come up with some smooth sounding R&B using the built in sequencer before switching over to using Cubase.